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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Windshield Repair with Safelite: Very Good Experience

Safelite AutoGlass
Safelite AutoGlass
Since the crack in my windshield was too long for me to make an insurance claim with +GEICO Insurance, I bit the bullet and took my car to +Safelite AutoGlass for a windshield replacement.  I had no choice, as an inspection for my car was overdue, and there was no way my car would pass with the nasty and meandering fissure I had going on.

My experience at the Norristown, PA Safelite location was very positive.

Safelite in Norristown, PA: http://bit.ly/1Mck0J2

I could have paid an extra $25 to have Safelite come to the house, but since I was already quite pissed about having to pay hundreds for the replacement, I decided to conserve and drive to them.

Everyone was friendly and very professional.  I was disappointed that they did not have any free wi-fi available, but I had a thick book and the latest Wall Street Journal with me, and I was able to change the cable TV to my favorite business news station.

I was given a wait time of between 1.5 and 2 hours.  I did some reading for a while, then went for a long walk, as the weather was perfect, and I'm an exercise addict.

Returned from my walk to find my car done; took a little less than 1 hour.  I was thankful that they weren't busy.

I thought my total bill would be around $650, because I assumed I needed glass with a special tint.  I was wrong.  The Safelite folks informed me that I didn't need the special glass, and that my total would be $450.39.  Still way too much, but Yaaaay for having to pay less than expected.

Can I recommend this Safelite location?  Yes.  A+++.


Learn from my mistakes people.  Fix those windshield cracks before they become costly nightmares!

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Friday, January 17, 2014

Cracked Windshield: A Very Expensive Mistake...

Cracked windshield goes from simple fix to costly nightmare...
Cracked windshield
Got home from a short drive last week and discovered a small crack in my windshield.  I showed it to my fiancee, and she recommended that I get it fixed right away, because with all the cold weather and snow we've been getting, the crack may expand quickly.

I should have taken her advice, as that is exacly what happened!


I've had cracked windshields before, and never have they expanded so quickly, and so extensively.

I called Geico, my insurance company, and asked what I should do.

They told me that as long as the crack isn't longer than a dollar bill, they'll fix it for free, since it's my first glass claim.


But my buzz was killed when I drove my car over to Safelite.  They told me that the crack was just beyond their ability to repair it, and that I'd need a new windshield!

No way, I protested, because I have a high deductible ($1,000.)  Replacing the entire windshield would cost me north of $640, all out-of-pocket!

I called up other glass shops, and they all told me the same thing.  They explained that repairing a crack that's too long renders the glass unsafe, and they don't want the liability. 


So I'm leaving the glass as it is, until I find someone who will fix it for cheap.

What a headache.....

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