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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Distracted Driving

distracted driving
Distracted Driving
I made some silly driving-related mistakes in my youth, from driving with a suspended license (suspended for ignoring too many speeding tickets) to driving too fast in a snowstorm (I once slid into an embankment at 15 MPH and, despite the moderate speed, still managed to flip the car over, Dukes-of-Hazard style.) Yes, with age comes maturity, experience and wisdom, and that's why insurance premiums get cheaper as we get older.

I've also learned -- the hard way -- how important it is to stay completely focused on the road at all times, with no exceptions.

About 18 years ago, when I was living in Queens, NY, I got into a minor fender bender which was totally my fault. I was distracted. I was trying to change the radio station on my car stereo, and ended up rear ending a minivan. I had taken my eyes off the road for the briefest of moments, yet it was long enough to precipitate an accident. Thankfully, no one was hurt. The accident would have dinged my driving record, and possibly caused my insurance premium to rise. However, no police report was filed. After pulling over, the driver of the minivan handed me $10 and took off. In my estimation, the driver either:

  1. Had no driver license, or
  2. Had no insurance, or
  3. Was an undocumented resident of the United States (a.k.a. an illegal alien).

My mistake didn't cost me much, but every day, people all over the world pay a much higher price for their distracted driving. Here's a powerful (and graphic) public service ad from the United Kingdom. The video serves as an extremely compelling argument against distracted driving (warning: the content of the following clip is very graphic. It contains scenes from a fictitious yet very realistic traffic accident.):

I watched the above clip on YouTube, and found the following comment from someone else who watched it:

"...I can watch the road while i text.. i have to glance away the same way u do when you change the radio station...."

In my opinion, the video needs to air in the USA during shows like American Idol and all those so called reality TV shows.

NBC's Today Show had the courage to tell everyone to watch the above clip, even though for some folks it may be hard to watch. Here's The Today Show's take on it:



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