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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Insurance Quotes from Aggregator Websites May Be Inaccurate

Insurance quote aggregator websites are quite attractive to the average driver: they offer a convenient, one-stop site where visitors can compare insurance quotes from various insurance companies.

But according to today's press release, the quotes that are provided on aggregator sites may be inaccurate or misleading, because these sites often don't collect enough information from the user so as to provide an accurate insurance quote.

Further details can be found below in the details from today's press release:

"Aggregator websites have been slammed by specialist insurance website www.protection-insurance.com for providing inaccurate insurance quotes.

The website has recently enhanced its car insurance service by extending its motor insurer directory. The directory now provides consumers with a huge range of choice as an alternative to aggregator sites who, says Jason Hulott from the site "provide quotes based on limited criteria and therefore give inaccurate quotes, inevitably wasting the customers' time and money".

Hulott, who is Business Development Manager at www.protection-insurance.com says: 'Our enhanced car insurance directory gives the consumer a list of direct links where they will be able to get genuine, correct, real-time motor quotes from a range of household names.

'With insurance aggregators, although it may appear initially that you are saving time and effort as you only need to complete your personal details once in order to generate several quotes, this can be confusing as the results shown are not always a true reflection of what it will really cost with the insurer.

'This is because when you actually apply through that insurer, the premium that you are quoted can be wildly different from that generated by the aggregator site, who would have prepared your quote based on some default or pre-completed answers.

'For example, our case study (see below) received a quote from an aggregator site for 770.15 from EasyMoney Insurance. This was the not the cheapest quote displayed and, as a consumer, you would not have proceeded with the quote. However, by going to the EasyMoney site via www.protection-insurance.com an identical quote request came out at 565.16 - a massive saving of 204.99 - and also cheaper than any displayed on the aggregator website.'

Hulott summarizes: 'This shows that rates displayed at aggregator sites cannot be relied upon when taking out insurance. With our directory, motorists have the freedom and choice to go direct for a quote without wasting time, effort and money receiving one that may be incorrect.'

For more information, visit www.protection-insurance.com

Case study:

To demonstrate how aggregator sites can provide incorrect quotes, our case study Jason visited the website of a leading aggregator to get three identical motor quotes for his Alfa Romeo 147. While two of the quotes attained direct from links on www.protection-insurance.com came in cheaper at 29.36 and 23.18 respectively, one came in at 204.99 cheaper.

These three quotes were randomly selected from the results displayed on the aggregator's site against the 23 insurers on the panel of www.protection-insurance.com

About Protection-insurance.com

www.protection-insurance.com launched in March 2003 and is an internet based insurance business dedicated to giving consumers a hassle-free way to get access to a wide range of insurance products. Our product portfolio includes many specialist and niche products as well as life and critical illness insurance; car, home and self-build insurance; mortgage payment protection insurance and income protection insurance.

For users preferring a one-to-one service, two no-obligation insurance phone lines are also available - one for general insurance (call: 01282 417132) and one for problem insurance (call: 0870 077 0005)."

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