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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Impressive: Not One Valid Complaint Against Palisades Insurance Company in 2005

It's an impressive achievement for a car insurance company to go an entire year without a single valid consumer complaint against it, no doubt.

New Jersey drivers will find today's press release interesting: According to a New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance's new report, the Palisades Insurance Company ranked as the largest New Jersey car insurance company sans a single valid consumer complaint against it in 2005.

Further details can be found below in the snippet from today' press release:

"The Palisades companies ranked as the largest New Jersey auto insurer without a single valid consumer complaint against it in 2005, according to the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance's new report. This is the second year in a row Palisades has ranked first in the state report, available at http://www.nj.gov/dobi/acrobat/05ratios.pdf.

'We bill ourselves as 'the nice New Jersey car insurance company.' Maybe it's a bit corny, but our motto reflects our single-minded focus on customer service,' said Ed Fernandez, who became Palisades' president and CEO in early April.

Fernandez attributed the zero-complaint record to training and retaining skilled, polite customer service representatives, adjusters and appraisers. 'Service is something we preach every day,' he said.

And the company does some unusual things to help customers who've had a claim. Palisades is unique in offering Door-to-Door Valet Claims Service. Under the program, introduced in 2003, Palisades arranges for a customer's damaged car to be picked up at a convenient place and brought to a repair shop. (Customers who have rental coverage also have a rental car dropped off.) Once repaired, the car is returned to the customer at his or her home or workplace. There's no additional charge, and repairs are guaranteed as long as the customer owns the car.

Palisades pioneered the innovative Crashbusters® program in New Jersey shortly after its founding in 1992. Its fleet of 10 Crashbusters® mobile vans brings the claim settlement process right to the customer. The Crashbusters® van will go to wherever the vehicle is located, often within hours of a call, to appraise the damage. In most cases, the Crashbusters® appraiser can issue a reimbursement check to the customer on the spot.

About Palisades

Palisades Safety and Insurance Association and Palisades Insurance Company (www.palisades.com) are New Jersey-only, independent agency companies, devoted to providing competitive rates for safe drivers and exceptional service for all. Started in 1992, the Palisades Group of Companies and its subsidiaries have grown to be the fourth-largest car insurance company in the state. For a free car insurance quote call 877-PAL-NICE."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had Proformence Ins and they treated me well. After 2005 Palisades brought out Proformance Ins. (I'm really not sure if it was a name change or what) Anyway, I sustained valid, injuries I can prove and that were never pre-exsisting which I can easily prove and have proved. I lost so much and made sure I brought adiquite coverage as I am a singe mother of 3 chldren. It was hard to pay for the extra but I did to protect my children instead I lost one. Yes this accident that he was not in did relate to the loss of my son. I'm to broken to go into it but God is my witness. My MVA was in 2008 and Palisades mistreated me so badly. Their reasons are reason I have never heard in my life. I have been doing medical ins for both doctors and hospitals for over 25 years and I have never seen anything like this. For example, I was given prior auth/ pre-certs for studies but when billed for the study I received approval for they refused to pay. The list goes on. They are horriable. Maybe in 2005 they were ok but not now. I strongly advise against obtaining MV insurance from Palisades. They are anything but nice. In fact they are mean and cruel.

Thursday, April 14, 2011 2:01:00 PM  

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