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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Another Insurance Cheat Gets Caught In California, and Pays Dearly...

OK, remember the Twentynine Palms, California guy we blogged about, the guy who let his car insurance policy expire, then tried to pull a fast one with his insurance company when he got into an accident? Well, its déjà vu all over again.

According to today's press release, San Jose, California resident Suzanne Aguilar has been arrested for insurance fraud. Aguilar allegedly tried to fool her insurance company with the same trick, after she destroyed her car by smashing it into the rear of another vehicle. Aguilar is now learning the hard way that letting your car insurance policy expire is a very bad idea.

Obviously, The System takes these crimes very seriously: bail was set at $25,000! Yikes!

Details below:

"Uninsured San Jose woman rear-ends another vehicle; allegedly renews her auto insurance policy and states the collision occurred after her new policy went into effect.

Insurance Commissioner John Garamendi on Wednesday announced the arrest of a San Jose woman for insurance fraud after she allegedly falsified information while submitting a claim to an insurance company.

Suzanne Aguilar, 34, of San Jose, was arrested July 13 at her home for automobile insurance fraud. According to investigators from the California Department of Insurance’s Fraud Division, on July 25, 2005, Aguilar was involved in a car accident causing a total loss to her vehicle and damages to the vehicle she rear-ended. Her insurance policy through Infinity Insurance Company had been cancelled on June 18, 2005 for non-payment.

However, on July 30, 2005, she renewed her auto insurance policy after making payment. Then she allegedly filed an insurance claim on August 2, 2005 for the auto collision that occurred on July 25, 2005, stating that it took place the day of her claim.

Aguilar was charged with one felony count of filing a fraudulent insurance claim. She was booked into the Santa Clara County Jail with bail set at $25,000. The Santa Clara County District Attorney’s office is prosecuting the case."

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