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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Back by Popular Demand: The 10 Best Ways to Save On Car Insurance Premiums

Since this site was reconfigured, I've been contacted by a number of individuals asking me where I moved the page about the ten best ways to save money on car insurance. I decided to reposts that page in this blog so that everyone can have easy access to it. Here is it:

The Top 10 Ways to Save Money on Car Insurance:

    1. Policy consolidation: most auto insurance companies will give you a discount if you insure both your car and your home with the same insurance company. Chances are you will also qualify for a considerable discount if you, your spouse and your kids are all on the same insurance policy.

    2. Move to a safer neighborhood: You've probably been wanting to move to a safer neighborhood anyway! Your auto insurance premiums will be much lower if you live in a low crime neighborhood. Moving from the city to the suburbs can save you tons of cash.

    3. Drive a safe, low profile vehicle: If you have a choice in the matter, choose a car with an excellent safety rating. Front and side airbags, anti-lock brakes and a proven crash test rating can all contribute to you getting a great deal on your car insurance. Your auto insurance bill will most certainly be very high if you drive a powerful sports car with few safety features.

    4. Tell your automobile insurance agent to raise your deductible: This may seem counter-intuitive, but raising your deductible is a great way to save money on your auto insurance premiums if you are a very safe driver. Caveat: If you do decide to raise your deductible and you end up having an accident, make sure that you have enough money set aside to pay the higher deductible.

    5. Maintain a good credit history: all those rumors you've heard about auto insurance companies checking your credit history are true! According to auto insurance industry studies, drivers with favorable credit histories tend to be less of a risk to insure when compared to drivers with less than desirable credit histories. That translates to lower premiums for you if you maintain a good credit report.

      It's also a good idea to check your credit report often because mistakes often occur.

    6. Park your car in a garage: If the option is available to you, always park your car in a garage where it is safe from inept parallel parkers and other hazards. This won't save you a ton of money but every little bit helps.

    7. Drive safely, conservatively and defensively: Maintaining a good driving record for 3 years usually qualifies you for a "good driver discount" with most auto insurance companies. Avoid drinking & driving, accidents and moving violations. And be sure to ask your insurance agent if you are getting a discount for being a good driver. If you're a good driver and you are not getting a discount then you should consider choosing a different car insurance company.

    8. Try to stay with the same auto insurance company: Most insurance companies will give you a discount for being a loyal customer. If you are not sure whether you are receiving a loyalty discount, call your insurance agent and find out.

    9. Cut down on your driving: Probably not a viable option for most but a driver who drives 5,000 miles per year will generally have a lower insurance premium when compared to a driver who drives 20,000 miles per year. Be sure to ask your insurance agent if you are entitled to a low miles discount.

    10. Shop around for the best possible deal: As we pointed out above, you may qualify for an insurance discount if you are loyal customer. However, always keep in mind that you may be able to save even more money by shopping around for the best possible auto insurance deal. Researching car insurance can be tedious but doing your homework can be quite rewarding, especially if you end up saving hundreds of dollars per year on your car insurance premiums.

You may be able to save on your car insurance bill with discounts that aren't listed on this website. The key is to pester your insurance agent until they give up every possible discount available to you. Don't feel sorry for your insurance company: no matter how many discounts you get the automobile insurance business will always be very profitable.

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